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Go big! At Viva Calavera! we’re all about those moments that make you want to jump up your seat and do somersaults; those adrenaline-rushing scenes; the amazing visuals that leave you screaming for more.

Our bread and butter (better yet, tacos and salsa): concept development, storyboarding, animatics, visual development a word: storytelling.

Let's meet up at the Annecy Animation festival to talk about animation, mexican and french food, your projects and ours.


Rey Mysterio vs The Darkness

What would be like if you could jump into the ring with your life-long idol?

Rey Mysterio's biggest fan, Oscar, discovers his idol's deepest secret and joins on the fight against the evil Uroboros and his super-powered luchadores.

Rey Mysterio vs The Darkness will wrap up production of it's first season on Q4 of 2023 and is looking for international distribution. 

Watch the pilot, check out the MIFA pitch and catch up with the team at the Annecy Animation festival.


MIFA Pitch



Enemies, together.

Bound together to an evolved war mecha, enemies Ibris (a wiz-kid human) and Gadeiros (an incredibly powerful alien) search the universe for a cure while on the run from both sides of a terrible war.

An epic sci-fi, odd-couple, roadtrip show about identity, belonging and giant robots.

S.P.A.R.K. is in early development, looking for development partners and resources.

Jungle Help Squad

Remember when you were a kid and things actually mattered?


In this preschool show, Lion, Mouse and Turtle set up a stand to help all their neighbors, and they take their job very seriously, more so when Lion's old friends Hare, Pecarí and Monkey set up a rival stand just to interfere. 

S.P.A.R.K. is in early development, looking for development partners and resources.
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Let's Meet

Contact us to schedule a meeting, or find us during the Annecy Animation Festival at

Stand B.60

during the Mexico Cocktails and mixers

and on all social networks




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