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Short film / Pre-production

In this short film, an original production by ¡Viva Calavera! six cousins ​​embark on an adventure against time in the warehouse protected by their grandfather, now, after an oversight, they need to repair the damage before receiving a terrifying scolding

A tribute to our family

In the mid-90s, every weekend our family would meet in our grandfather's town, Acatlán. At that time, “visiting family” meant for us kids taking ten seconds to greet our grandparents and then running off to play with our cousins.


Grandpa's terrains, Uncle René's tortilla factory, Aunt Gris' hardware store and, above all, Grandpa's warehouse were our playground. However, something that we never questioned was the real value of those spaces, since they were the sustenance of our families. On the other hand, for us they were spaces of incredible adventures, as long as we didn’t get caught. Especially by granddad, for whom the only important thing was work.


30 years later, those of us who were once best friends during those weekends barely speak to each other. Now almost all of those play spaces have disappeared, and our granddad is no longer here.


This short film is a small tribute.

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